Today’s guests I had the fortune of meeting in person back in November while exploring Newgrange, a medieval relic north of Dublin. Like most backpackers, they were approachable and looking to meet new people. When I heard about the trip they had planned, and their plans for their website – I knew I had to bring them on the show. Since then, their journey has become something far more challenging, and affirming of their love for travel.

Cassie Kramer and Oren Lieberman left their jobs in Philadelphia to take a year to see the world together, on a budget. They took the plunge that I think everyone should at some point in their lives take: To escape the corporate routine, escape the armchair, get way outside of their comfort zone, and allow themselves to have life-changing experiences.

Along the way, after months of exhibiting symptoms, Oren was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. This diagnosis came after significant physical deterioration and a near fatal misdiagnosis in Nepal. They had to return home for a period of recovery and adjustment to a big life change. Eventually, they got back out on the road, undeterred from their goal by what happened.

They’ve had some extremely unexpected obstacles to overcome and I’m glad to have the opportunity to explore their journey with them.

They report on the beat of their travels at, an homage to Oren’s favorite travel book (can you guess? hint: scroll down!), and don’t let a scary situation and a major complication prevent them pursuing their life of travel.

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Explorer Quote:

“It’s easy to say I have a dream to travel. It’s much more difficult to actually put it in place.”

More Quotes:

“Diabetes added a complication but it hasn’t slowed us down… I hope I can inspire others with some of kind of complication to just travel.”

“Travel helps build and rebuild your faith in people. You travel the world and you see how good people really are.”

Cassie & Oren’s Best Travel Advice:

The First Step: Have that dream, then start socking away money. Book the ticket. 90% of it is just having that courage to take that step out the door.
Money Saving Tip: Couchsurfing, Bla Bla Car
Packing Tip: Buy the good stuff for long term travel. Going cheap on the few clothes you’ll wear for a year is not a good idea.
Internet Travel Resource: Travel blogs!
Favorite Travel Book: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams
Travel Gear: Cassie: Travel Towel (it’s a blanket, it’s a towel, it’s a skirt). Oren: His camera!
Weirdest Food: Unidentifiable Thai Street Food

Explore Further:


Music Credit: Move Slow by Felxprod ft. Jess Abran (Myriad Remix), Intrepid Journey, by Aaron Static

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I’m a lifelong international traveler, the host of The Travelers podcast, and founder of Holocene, a framework and community for writing the story of your life using travel and creativity.