Tyler Tervooren RiskologyI  often profess that traveling feeds a curiosity that only gets hungrier the more you feed it. But what constitutes a curious person? Do we need to be curious about everything or might it be enough to be curious about just the few things, or one thing, that interests us? Tyler speaks eloquently about not having to be a jack of all trades, knowledgeable about everything, to be considered ‘interesting’ or ‘curious.’ Exploring the world could just be about that one thing that compels you, as long as you’re growing from the exploration itself.

Tyler Tervooren always wanted to travel, to see new cultures and different places, but the timing was never right.

Finally, just before he was about to start a new job, he asked his employers if he might push his start date back so that he could take the trip he’d been dreaming to go on. They said yes. But when he returned, he knew inside that he no longer wanted the position.

To satisfy this curiosity, he started Riskology, his website that explores why we take risks and how we can take advantage of risk to be more adventurous. But this wasn’t enough. So, he set a goal to run a marathon on every continent. And over the next four years, he completed all seven. Today, he runs Riskology full time.

In this interview, Tyler makes the great point that you don’t have to be a jack of all trades or a renaissance man, curious about everything and knowledgeable about everything, to be an interesting person.

You can focus on that one thing you’re interested in and become specialized in that subject or field and vastly knowledgeable about it. Adventure is relative and your horizons can still be broadened.

I recalled a guest who came on and suggested that if you’re not curious about the world, but you want to travel, identify something in which you are curious and let that guide you. For example, if you like Japanese Anime, then find the largest Anime-fest in the world. If it’s in Berlin, go to Berlin. Worst case scenario is likely that you went to somewhere for something you already love. Best case scenario is you’ll come home with stories, new interests, and broadened horizons.

A helpful way to determine where to go, or to step outside of your comfort zone, is to identify the things that you’re curious about. And let them guide your travels.

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Explorer Quote:

“You cannot experience another culture and come back the exact same person.”

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I’m a lifelong international traveler, the host of The Travelers podcast, and founder of Holocene, a framework and community for writing the story of your life using travel and creativity.