Welcome to Season 3 of The Travelers.

12 episodes exploring a powerful framework for transformative travel using Curiosity and Creativity to rewrite the story of your life.

Nathaniel BoyleHi, I’m Nathaniel, creator and host of The Travelers and founder of Holocene, a community helping you rewrite the story of your life using travel and creativity.

I’ve spent the past 5 years doing field research, interviewing over 500 travelers and industry experts, explorers, creatives, entrepreneurs. On Season 3, I’m sharing what I’ve discovered.

On Season 3, we’re discussing a case-study driven framework I’ve spent years building from over 25,000 hours of research. The framework has 4 stages: Resistance, Curiosity, Creativity, and Transformation. For each stage, there are 3 episodes, including an introduction, a case study, and a wrap-up designed to illuminate the framework,  step-by-step.

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Resistance Pt 1: This is the first episode of the season! On this episode, we explore the step in the Holocene framework: Resistance. What is it, why it’s important and how to overcome it.
Resistance Pt 2: On the 2nd episode, we break down an example of overcoming intense Resistance. Learn about how Lauren Juliff used curiosity and travel to get past crippling anxiety and immense resistance.
Resistance Pt 3: On Episode 3 of the season, I’m discussing how to rewrite the story you tell yourself to overcome resistance in your life. This episode is incredibly powerful.
Curiosity Pt 1: Episode 4 is an introduction to the next stage of the framework: Curiosity! What exactly is Curiosity and how does it change us?
Curiosity Pt 2: On Episode 5, we break down an example of how choosing Curiosity can lead to new possibilities and personal growth.
Curiosity Pt 3: On Episode 6, we explore how Curiosity might have killed the cat, but not how you might think.
Creativity Pt 1: On Episode 7, learn about why Creativity is a necessary part of every transformative experience.
Creativity Pt 2: A story about how Creativity, inspired by Travel, changed my life, and can for you.
Creativity Pt 3: How Jonathan & Quinn used curiosity + creativity to find lasting transformation.
Transform Pt 1: Coming Soon
Transform Pt 2: Coming Soon
Holocene: Coming Soon


Explore the Holocene Framework in 12 parts

1: Resistance I

What is Resistance, why it’s important and how to overcome it.

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2: Resistance II

Breaking down an example of overcoming intense Resistance.

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3: Resistance III

How to Rewrite Your Story to Overcome Resistance.

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4: Curiosity I

What is Curiosity, and how it changes us.

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5: Curiosity II

Breaking down an example of choosing Curiosity.

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6: Curiosity III

How to Avoid the Dangers of Curiosity

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7: Creativity I

Why most people never change after travel.

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8: Creativity II

How Creativity + Travel changed my life.

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9: Creativity III

How the Holocene Framework Works, a case study

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10: Transform I

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11: Transform II

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12: Holocene

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