Nomadic MattToday’s guest runs the award winning travel blog, In 2005, he was inspired by fellow backpackers to escape the 9-5 and make travel a bigger priority in his life. After becoming an expert from his experiences, his work has been featured in the New York Times, BBC, TIME, Lifehacker, and many, many other massive publications.

With hopes to become a freelance travel writer, Matt has inadvertently grown into a huge travel resource for his large global audience. It’s now been 8 years of nonstop travel for Matt, who dials into the show from Thailand.

Nomadic MattExplorer Quotes

“Everytime I said, this is the end, I’m going to stop, I’d be back out on the road within a few weeks.”

“Travel is really easy… the whole process is book a ticket, pack your bag, get out the door.”

In this episode, we cover:

  • How Matt’s desire to travel the world motivated him to start his website as a way to become a freelance travel writer, but instead became a global resource for travelers everywhere
  • How to experience Thailand, the Matt Kepnes way (including the one food he can’t live without).
  • Why Thailand is Matt’s home away from home, and how it can be rewarding to discover places like this for yourself

Nomadic Matt’s Best Travel Advice:

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I’m a lifelong international traveler, the host of The Travelers podcast, and founder of Holocene, a framework and community for writing the story of your life using travel and creativity.