When Johnny Jet was 18, he was terrified of flying. He had a bad case of anxiety that made it difficult to get out of his home. Then, he met a girl who wanted him to go to Hong Kong with her. So, he talked his dad into buying him a cheap business class fare. The freedom of new experience in tandem with earning frequent flyer miles changed his life. He became addicted to traveling with miles. Today, he’s one of the biggest authorities in airfare deals while being featured on CNN, Travel Channel, BBC Travel, Travel and Leisure, and many other major publications.

Today, we’re adding The Daily Travel Podcast to that list. We discuss how getting out of his comfort zone changed his life for the better as well as Johnny’s best travel advice to inspire and help you travel further and more often for less.

For anyone who might be afraid of flying, understand that even a rockstar like Johnny Jet has tricks to take his mind off the flight. Have a listen and enjoy the show!

Quotes from an explorer

“So many people are afraid to travel overseas because they’re sitting there at home watching the news.”

What we cover:

  • How Johnny fell in love with travel and flying
  • How he got past his anxiety to get out of his house, and not just fly, but also fell in love with flying long distance.
  • How Johnny got started earning frequent flyer miles, and why he can’t ever go back
  • How he got started with his business by starting a free newsletter for his coworkers
  • Why Johnny Jet knew that after a trip to Hong Kong, he knew he’d never stop traveling.
  • How to get over a fear of flying

Johnny’s Best Travel Advice:

Mentioned in this Show:

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I’m a lifelong international traveler, the host of The Travelers podcast, and founder of Holocene, a framework and community for writing the story of your life using travel and creativity.