“I don’t buy a lot of things. I buy pins on the map.”

Mandy France TravelMandy France is the founder and contributing editor of The Responsible Traveler. She is a freelance travel writer and editor, a published children’s author and an illustrator.

She is an ethical adventurer at heart. From trekking the Inca Trail in Peru to climbing the highest mountain in Africa, she’s made adventure a priority in life. She’s also a vegan which gives her further insight into what ethical travel is and how to be compassionate in the things you do abroad.

In this episode we get into how the passing of her mother sparked a curiosity and burning desire to stop playing life safely and instead experience as much as the world has to offer. We also explore specifically how Mandy now lives her lives and the takeaways you can apply to make the decision to travel more.


What we cover:

  • How the passing of her mother sparked Mandy’s decision to leave a career at Disney to see the world, something she previously wasn’t curious to do.
  • Her first trip, a 4-day trek from Cusco to Macchu Picchu, was the first time she’d ever done anything like it.
  • We break down how Mandy is able to create a sense of urgency in her life.
  • What is responsible, ethical tourism or travel, and how to make responsible considerations in your trips (for example, don’t ride elephants in Thailand – we get into why that’s unethical).
  • How responsible travel provides an opportunity for you to take a story home that you can be proud to share.
  • Travel as a vegan: Her biggest challenges.

3 Steps to Create a Sense of Urgency in Your Life:

  1. Have a clock. Create a countdown and a finite window of time to plan that next experience.
  2. Embrace the reminders of your own mortality.
  3. Identify the legacy you want to leave behind.

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I’m a lifelong international traveler, the host of The Travelers podcast, and founder of Holocene, a framework and community for writing the story of your life using travel and creativity.