“One of the things I admire most about travelers is how independent and confident they are. Those are qualities I never had growing up.”

Johnny FDToday’s guest left a life in California to spend 4 years on the road with friends
before settling, broke, in Thailand to study Muay Thai kickboxing and try his hand at entrepreneurship. He is the host of the Travel like a Boss podcast, where he interviews location independent entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs about their 4-hour work week style businesses, many of whom are living and working in Southeast Asia.

I’m happy to welcome Johnny on the show today to share his stories and explore his relationship to travel, as well as the entrepreneurial scene there in Chiang Mai, Thailand – what that’s like, and what Johnny’s working on.


What We Cover:

  • How travel, and discovering a love of diving, helped Johnny come to the realization that he wanted to invest in experiences rather than things.
  • Why he considers slow travel to foreign places to be “real travel”, as opposed to quick stays within comfort zone-oriented places like Las Vegas or Tijuana.
  • How family helped encourage his decision to quit his job and travel in the midst of a financial recession while also having an offer for a promotion and raise on the table at his job.
  • How Johnny broke down his living expenses in Thailand to $600 per month.
  • Why his goal is now to make enough money online to be able to do more, travel to Europe and spend the whole summer, next year, there with his girlfriend.
  • Johnny’s time in the Caribbean, and how that helped him solidify his love of Thailand.
  • How Johnny makes money nowadays to support his location independent lifestyle.

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