“How many people trudge off to work dreading the day ahead? How many people do you know who feel trapped in their jobs, working just to pay the mortgage, instead of pursuing their life’s ambition because they just can’t afford to take a risk? I can’t, but I’m doing it anyway.”

Today’s guest wrote this, 3 years ago — on her kickstarter page, which launched a dream that changed her life.

Jean Ellen Whatley is a writer who after experiencing a few deaths in her life successfully ran a kickstarter in 2011 to quit her job, hit the road, and pursue her dream of writing her first book, Off the Leash — which chronicled her eventual road trip with her dog, 8,400 miles across the country to meet her half brother for the very first time.

Identity – who we are and the ways we relate to a world, where we fit — these questions play such a large role in travel. And Jean stopped letting these questions go unanswered. By making the simple realization that the obstacles preventing her from leaving were almost entirely self-imposed.


A Quick Preview:Jean Ellen Whatley on The Daily Travel Podcast

  • How Jean’s dog made her realize that her barriers to travel the world and experience life were entirely self-imposed.
  • The stories that came from the people she found waiting for her on the road.
  • How losing one brother led her to meeting another.
  • Recognize that the barriers preventing you from traveling might be self-imposed.

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