Awaken to who you truly are with travel & creativity.

A transformative life-by-design program created to help you rewrite the story of your life to find more adventure, purpose, fulfillment and possibility.

Johnny Jet

Holocene is a new transformative framework using travel and creativity.

Do you ever feel that you’re not being seen the way you want to be seen?


Or that you’re turning to travel to “find yourself,” but you’re struggling to find meaningful experiences?


Or maybe you feel like there are too many barriers to change so you never feel accomplished or good enough?


No matter how hard you try, or how lost you feel, it can seem impossible to create the substantial, lasting changes you would like to make in your life. You might even stop trying to change altogether in order to avoid disappointment. Instead you’re left empty and directionless, seeking more, but unsure how you’ll ever find it…

Life doesn’t have to be this way. You simply need a new story and roadmap to reframe the way we look at ourselves and the world.

Change your approach to life

Get unstuck by re-contextualizing how you engage with the world.

Discover what is holding you back

Learn how to recognize negative influences and use them to your advantage.

Chart your creative growth

Using our 8-stage framework as an ever-evolving map of your progress.

Step into your truest self

Find more time, mental clarity and wellbeing as you step into a new sense of self.

What people are saying

This my friends, is THE man who single handedly rescued me from a downward spiral of conformism, helped me break free from paralyzingly fears and inspired me to follow travel dreams (in good company and solo!) that had been forced so far into hiding I didn't even know they existed; despite the constant taunt of nay-says, fear-mongers and antagonizers. This guy, his Daily Travel Podcast and ever-inspiring projects are pure genius. I can never thank you enough, Nathaniel.

KristyCharter Member

Holocene has been a fundamental part of helping me include more travel in my life. When I joined, I was unhappily working at a desk job and the community here helped me move out of that and into something that brings me joy. After quitting and going on a three month journey, I am now moving halfway across the world to follow my passions. Having a group of people that I can talk to at anytime and that understand where I am coming from has been so great for me and has steered me on a journey that I never thought possible.

SaraCharter Member

I love being surrounded by REAL people who talk about REAL things.

SydneyCharter Member

Amazing people to help with projects and travel advice.

TroyCharter Member

Holocene is a way to instantly connect with experienced world travelers, share in magical experiences, and get support for living an adventurous life.

OrianCharter Member

I've been really impressed with the conversations happening. It's shaping up to be my favorite place on the internet.

BethCharter Member

I've known for a long time that social networks aren't my thing, sharing what I'm up to for what I'm thinking with others just doesn't appeal to me that much. Holocene feels like the exception to that rule.

DanielleCharter Member

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What's Included

Holocene is a unique, year-long experience product involving online lessons, weekly group coaching calls, monthly one-on-one support, travel deals & planning services, and an exclusive event.

Holocene Online Course

A fun 6-week course & year-long adventure

This is a new transformative framework using travel, creativity, psychology, physics, and story structure to help you ignite a creative, curiosity-driven life, find meaningful adventures, and chart your creative growth. This course will help you step into a new identity and write a story about yourself that you’re proud to tell.

Paced out in weekly modules and taught through live video conversation with Nathaniel, this foundational course is for anyone who knows they’re meant for more, who wants to travel more, or be more creative, who feels stuck or stalled, has a calling, or wants more fulfillment, significance, wonder, and play in their lives.

Live video coaching to keep you feeling alive, inspired and full of clarity.

Each week, we conduct group coaching on what we call Curiosity or Creativity Calls. These calls are facilitated conversations designed to align you with your self and connect you with others.

Whether you’re wandering the world or trying to finish a creative project, with our regular Wayfinding check-ins, you’ll always know where you are and you’ll never feel lost.

Free Bonus: Charter Members get monthly one-on-one coaching calls designed to accelerate your transformative process.

Coaching calls
Holocene Community

A global community of creatives and travelers that have your back.

Above all things, Holocene is a collective of travelers and creative individuals united through a unique membership platform for transformative travel helping you explore the world and yourself. We believe the best experience of life is embracing your curiosity to find creativity and connection and that travel can be more than an escape but a vehicle for personal growth and healing.

If you want to travel more and find yourself hungry for a change in life, then Holocene is for you. Are you waiting on friends or a partner, hesitant to travel alone, struggling with finding time or affording the trip, stuck in a career or lifestyle you don’t love, or creatively unfulfilled at the end of the day? We’re breaking down the roadblocks and solving your problems, together.

Tools to help you unlock a world of travel and your creative potential.

Go deeper with your travels and unlock your creative potential with our tools, resources, and transformative travel planning services. Get the best flight deals, connect with creative travelers, chase your dreams, and find the confidence to explore the world on any budget.

Get access to Holocene’s completely unique transformative travel ‘agent-style’ services to help you find and book transformative experiences on your next trip and learn how to plan for more meaning and transformational impact in your travels.

Holocene Gallery

A 2-day transformative travel retreat at the end of the year.

After months of deep transformative work together, we will gather as a community for the Holocene Gallery, a final immersive experience with Nathaniel, our team and fellow members, so you can tell your new story.

The Holocene Gallery helps us actualize who we truly are by sharing our framework results with each other and the world. We will experience two days of exhibiting each other’s work, creative talks, in-depth teaching sessions, community immersion in the mountains, and much more…

Get a certificate of completion in the form of a unique piece of art

Receive a beautifully and personalized logogram symbolizing your unique transformative journey from where you are to who you want to become. Every logogram is uniquely rendered for each member upon each completion of the Holocene Framework.

These one-of-a-kind pieces of art are designed to help you facilitate conversation with those closest to you about your story, your transformation, and your truest sense of self.

Northern Lights
Holocene Print

Hi, my name is Nathaniel.

I help curious and creative people that feel directionless or unfulfilled to rewrite the story they’re telling themselves about themselves using travel and creative expression so that they can transform their identity, ignite a creative, curiosity-driven life, and find the experience of being more alive.

Unlike other transformative travel companies or personal development systems, I’ve developed a completely unique framework that combines travel and creativity to construct meaning and identity.

In 2014, I launched The Travelers, a podcast exploring the transformative power of travel. The show became about how exactly travel transforms us.

At the same time, I was getting better at perceiving patterns in the transformative stories of my guests while receiving messages from listeners asking how they could find the same experiences in their lives. So I set to work on a solution.

I’ve since spent 5 years studying and developing this process which has changed the quality and direction of my life and improved the lives of more than 300 students and case studies worldwide.

The truth is that I’ve been looking for this course my entire life. I needed a program that nurtured my desire for openness and adventure, centered me as a creative, and exhibited my growth for others to see. And I know that it can help you, too.

So, I want to welcome you to Holocene, a roadmap for traveling yourself, an online course, and membership platform helping you live a story you’re proud to tell.

Nathaniel Boyle

What will the course be like?

Holocene is a year-long experience product consisting of 10 lessons as well as 2x coaching calls every month. 6-8 live recordings will be taught over a 6 week time frame while the program continues for a full year. While it is not required that you travel, it is highly encouraged you find a way to explore in some form.

Lessons will happen on Tuesdays at 10am

Recordings of the live lessons will be available, so there’s no pressure if you cannot attend a lesson.

The modules are straightforward and simple: the teachings are introduced in depth each week in the teachings and call recordings. After each session, you will begin implementing the concepts and exercises into your life. This is an integrative course – which means that the majority of time and focus will be spent shifting your day-to-day habits through live exercises rather than standard class homework.

Hover or tap on the panels below to learn about each module.

Section 1: Resistance

Module 1: The Unlived Life

Understand and identify two kinds of Resistance in your life and use them to your advantage.

Module 2: Self & Story

A deep dive into how we construct our own identity using story, memory, entropy, time, and space and get clear on your transformative goals.

Section 2: Curiosity

3: Wonder – Signs, Symbols, and Clues

Cultivate a sense of openness to the world, experience, and a language of possibility, to prime yourself for transformation.

4: Awe – Fear & Accommodation

Learn how to find moments of pure awe, the psychological benefits of awe, and how it can be engineered.

5: Clarity – am I / I am

How to translate your most profound experiences into meaning and signification.

6: Inspiration – Crossroads of time

Now that your outward journey is over, it's time to listen to your inner-self, know your choice, and see why so many fail to change.

Section 2: Creativity

7: Creative Wonder – Playtime

Learn how to apply what Curiosity and Travel taught you to your Creativity to move effortlessly into a new project.

8: Creative Awe – Become a Beacon

Learn how to let your creative expression take on a life of its own and become a reflection of something bigger than yourself.

9: Creative Clarity – Ascension

Find out how by sharing your creativity and practicing publicly, you step into a new sense of self.

10: Transformation – New Possibility

Complete your transformative experience cycle, celebrate and embody your new self, and contemplate new possibilities.


This course is for you if:

  • You’re open-minded and want to use the concepts of Curiosity and Creativity to open yourself up even more. Holocene involves BIG themes that will be broken down into easy-to-implement stages. If you have an open mind and are excited to approach your life in a new way, this course is for you!
  • You want to learn, grow, and understand yourself in a deeper way. This course will help you identify what holds you back and help you explore y the world to better know yourself and expand into the upward spiral of creative growth.
  • You want to connect and contribute to positve, curious and creative people. Holocene is designed for supportive, open-minded members that have each other’s backs. We create a safe and supportive space for each other to explore, create and change. Accountability partners, online and offline friendships, and mastermind groups are encouraged (and optional) through special, dedicated community forums.
  • You want to take the course at your own pace. You are welcome to take the course along with your registration group, or if the timing isn’t great right now, take it whenever you like — you have lifetime access to the course, so the pace is up to you. Holocene is designed to be a compass to help you navigate your life.

This course is NOT for you if:

  • You want to learn the nuts and bolts of building a business. Will we discuss the concepts, principles, and deep work that needs to be done to build a sustainable, personally fulfilling adventure and creative endeavor? Yes.  Guidance and creative direction are inherently part of the coaching calls. But specific how-to’s for any and all creative endeavors aren’t a part of this program. You may, however, connect with likeminded members to explore any knowledge you may share with each other.
  • You’re not up for doing the work. This course is not extremely time-consuming but for Holocene to be effective, it will require you to do some deep introspection and take real action. If this isn’t something you’re excited about, consider joining when you have time to devote to the course, coaching calls, or join now and take the course at your own pace. Adventure isn’t meant to be comfortable. Are you ready for a change?

Can I get a refund?

Yes, full refunds (minus any fees) are available within the first 30 days of the course start date. However, after which you’ll have lifetime access to the course framework.

Will you be offering this course again?

Yes. I plan to open enrollment again at some point in 2022 or early 2023, although currently I’m not sure when the exact dates will be. Since you get lifetime access to this content, then signing up now is recommended for the best value.

What are the modules like?

Each of the modules consists of a video lesson explaining the Holocene approach and concepts. In addition, there are live group video coaching sessions, one-on-one support, and conversation threads on the community page for you to ask questions, share breakthroughs, build momentum, and get support when needed.

When does the course start and happen?

Lessons will happen on Tuesdays at 10am from June 28 to August 30.  Recordings of the live lessons will be available, so there’s no pressure if you cannot attend a lesson.

However, the Holocene framework is an evergreen, repeatable course that’s designed for you to go through multiple cycles so you can live by its principles.

Join Now - Save $200

Registration for Charter Membership is available now for $200 off. Annual plans come with lifetime access to the course + 1 year access to the membership community.

Please note: Holocene is meant to be completed over a year. It involves travel planning, mindset shifts, and bringing a project to life.

Break it up

(normally $190)
$115 monthly (for 3 months)

Monthly Ongoing

$39 per month

Can’t afford this but still feel called to take this journey with us? There are a limited number of discount scholarships available.

Are you ready to come alive with us?