Josh and Jill StantonJill and Josh Stanton are the digitally nomadic couple behind Screw the Nine to Five, where they are helping you devise an escape plan to move closer to new possibility and adventure in your daily life.

These two quit their 9-5s for a life that made travel a bigger priority, and moved to an island in Thailand for a couple months to design a new lifestyle that would help them create work that would support a life they wanted, rather than hold dearly on to a job that dictates their routine at the expense of their personal fulfillment.

Since then, they’ve lived and worked in Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, the Phillippines, China, Australia, New Zealand, the Cook Islands, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Portugal, Chicago and San Diego. Truly a life of travel.

I wanted to get Josh and Jill on the show to ask them about what inside of them inspired the decision to actually move to Thailand, something that seems so extreme and outlandish to most people, and what they do to keep themselves afloat on the road, and how you might be able to aspire to do the same.

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What We Cover:

  • 2:27 – Who are Josh and Jill Stanton?
  • 3:27 – Why they find working on the road to be more productive
  • 5:04 – What inspired their decision to go to Thailand, specifically Chiang Mai
  • 8:24 – How Josh got his start traveling in China
  • 9:30 – How Josh met Jill
  • 9:55 – How Jill went from bartending and modeling at home in Toronto to moving to Australia, and started her first business to support her lifestyle on the road
  • 11:00 – Why they went into business together to create Screw the Nine to Five
  • 15:00 – How to get comfortable with letting go of all of your stuff
  • 17:15 – How travel helps you meet others and how doing so can help you grow by freeing you from the definitions of others, and inspire you with likeminded people (whether that’s other travelers or entrepreneurs)
  • 18:15 – Why moving to Southeast Asia can help make your life of travel
  • 19:30 – How you can live a “Western lifestyle” in Southeast Asia, particularly in Chiang Mai
  • 20:30 – How living in Thailand provides the opportunity to save you money by getting maid service, laundry service, and eating out.
  • 21:20 – How safe is Thailand and Bali?

Words from an Explorer:Screw the 9 to 5 with Jill and Josh Stanton on The Daily Travel Podcast

“When you’re feeling uncomfortable, when you reach the end of your comfort zone, that’s when all the good s*** starts to happen. That’s where you start to find out what you’re made of and what you’re capable of.” – Jill Stanton

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I’m a lifelong international traveler, the host of The Travelers podcast, and founder of Holocene, a framework and community for writing the story of your life using travel and creativity.