“There are all these little things I was doing throughout the year and I didn’t even know I was setting myself up to be a better balanced person, but also, a better version of myself. There are all these little things that I would do when I was traveling around the world… One of the things I did was I wore an elastic band around my wrist almost the entire time. Every time I had negative thoughts I would slap that elastic band against my wrist to get rid of that habit, right? That habit of saying ‘No, you’re not good enough’ or ‘No, you can’t do this.’ Whatever it happened to be. And I started gratitude lists where, at the end of every day, I’d go through what I was grateful for. A lot of these positive habits were almost a precursor to coming home and deciding what I wanted to do next, how do I want to live my life, and what do I want every day to look like? How do I want to feel as I go through that day? I think this conversation is a great reminder because sometimes you get so bound up with different projects that you forget just how powerful it is to do some of these things on a daily basis. And just how much they help you to be the version of yourself that you want to be.” – Zach Glassman, on The Travelers

Zach Glassman founded Passion Passport, one of my favorite travel communities, on the belief that travel can be “transformative in whatever way you seek it out to be.” But what I think the quote above, and our conversation, illustrates is that it requires a degree of mindfulness. Travel can be more than just an escape, more than just a feeling you get, but an actual period of growth and change – but this requires a thoughtful approach, a willingness to let go, and the faith that it might work. This is the benefit of community, like Passion Passport. From the stories of others, which are shared across social networks and on their website, and in real life events, you might find the confidence in yourself to complete your next adventure, whatever that may be. And if you apply yourself, like Zach did, you might carry home new habits that can have a lasting effect on who you have become from your travels.

Do you have something interesting to say? We want to have a discussion with you, to explore your experiences and stories, how travel and creativity has effected you and what you’ve learned from it that you can share with our community.

Listen to the interview here:

What We Cover:

  • How being born into a family that’s open to new experiences helped shape Zach’s principles about travel and founding Passion Passport.
  • Zach and I dive deep to explore the heart of why travel matters and our shared philosophies around the value of experiencing the complexity of the world.
  • What is the Bucket List initiative and how is it helping people change their lives through travel?

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