Brad BernardBrad Bernard is a former-corporate-consultant-turned-writer by day, and extreme experience junkie by night — Brad is the guy behind My Wanderlist, a travel blog documenting his extreme travel experiences — such as dancing with corpses, eating tarantula, hitchhiking across Saudi Arabia, living with sea gypsies, and being arrested in Oman, as one does right?

The world is a full of adventure and Brad is pushing the boundaries of what you might believe to be possible in the interest of genuinely interesting story.

And that’s why I had to have Brad come on the show – because not only is he, quite extremely, doing the stuff of legend, but taking a journalists eye to craft the stories he’s telling in a compelling style on his blog.


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I’m a lifelong international traveler, the host of The Travelers podcast, and founder of Holocene, a framework and community for writing the story of your life using travel and creativity.