Nithin CocaCan travel break you away from shyness and naiveté? I think I know the answer to this, and so does today’s guest — who spent a year on the road searching for purpose and personal growth.

Nithin Coca is a freelance writer and social activist, as well as the author of the book Traveling Softly and Quietly, a young man’s journey for meaning on and off the beaten path – which you can pick up now. Nithin is an Indian American from Southern California with a lifelong travel bug — and his works been featured in many international and online publications. He’s even spent time as a Couchsurfing ambassador, something that might lend a hint to his belief on overcoming shyness through travel.


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I’m a lifelong international traveler, the host of The Travelers podcast, and founder of Holocene, a framework and community for writing the story of your life using travel and creativity.