I can’t believe this is the 100th episode of The Daily Travel Podcast.

I am so thankful to all of you listening to the show. You are the fuel that powers this show — and I’d like to just be sure you know how thankful I am that you’re out there and that this show is resonating with you.

I’ve heard from so many people who have told me that because they were inspired by this show that they’ve actually booked that trip — their first big or independent adventure overseas, and I can’t tell you how honored and proud that makes me feel, knowing that this podcast can nudge people out the door and change their lives.


I want this show, its message and guests, to inspire you so badly that you book that ticket, or make that change, in your life to make travel a bigger priority.

This is your one chance to recognize that your desire to travel is an opportunity that will pass you by if you just keep putting it off.

For me personally, very few things in life are more important than to see the world. This is the one opportunity I have to discover as much as this world has to be found, and doing so makes me incredibly happy. If you agree, and want to do the same, then come along for the ride because I want to help you create a life of travel, whatever that means to you.

If that means you want to trade your desk for a life of travel, I have plenty of guests discussing how they took the plunge to go out and build their own personal legends.

If that means find a way to just find a life-changing experience on the road, then that’s what I’m after. That’s the style of travel I want you to experience because I know that when you get a taste of that, if you haven’t already — and I know some of you have — that you can’t stop there.

If you’re like me and have an incurable case of wanderlust, then I find listening to the voices from the other side of that chasm between where you are and where you want to be helps me to maintain focus on where my priorities lie in life. It’s easy to get lost in your own world and I find inspiration is therapy.

So, I’ve pulled out a collection of voices from the first 100 interviews that I hope inspire you to make a life of travel into a reality for yourself.

If you want to take that trip, and make travel a bigger priority in your life, you don’t have to take my word for how amazing it can be. Here’s a collection of quotes and voices from the first 100 episodes that I hope inspires you to reach out, dig deeper, or just say yes.

Music credit: Intrepid Journey, by Aaron Static; So Far So Close, by Jahzzar

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I’m a lifelong international traveler, the host of The Travelers podcast, and founder of Holocene, a framework and community for writing the story of your life using travel and creativity.