In 2007, Becki Enright left her career in Public Relations and set out from her home in England for her first solo-female travel experience to Vietnam. Seven years later, she has yet to stop. She’s been through China, Mongolia. India, Kenya, Magadgascar, the United States, Israel and the West Bank, Taiwan and the less visited places like Myanmar and North Korea. She’s even lived in Cambodia and is on her way to see Iran. All of this by herself.

Today she’s an expert in not just South East Asian travel, but the lesser known, more challenging destinations on Earth. To support her life of travel, she works as a freelance advertising, PR, and editorial consultant for hire. And she writes about her ongoing experiences from the road on her blog, Borders of Adventure.

After three months in Turkey, Becki is currently traveling through Georgia. I’m thrilled she took time out of her trip to be on the show so I can share her unique approach toward solo-travel as a female to what are perceived by most to be challenging destinations that are intimidating to many people.

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What We Cover:

  • Why is Becki passing through the Caucasus, such as Georgia and Armenia.
  • Why Becki got her start traveling as a student by giving herself permission to take a 2 week trip to South East Asia by herself, and how she was compelled to do so.
  • What compelled her to leave an unsatisfying career in PR to pursue a round the world trip.
  • She started growing her travel blog into a resource while acclimatizing with traveling on her own in South East Asia.
  • Becki’s process in qualifying a place as safe to visit.
  • What are Becki’s goals as an explorer of the less exposed areas of the world.
  • How her travels to the West Bank helped her see the country of Israel and the Palestinian territories as accessible. “It’s not as scary as you think.”

Words from an Explorer:

“When people are misinformed themselves they make assumptions. That’s the problem I have. That’s what I’m trying to overcome with my writing.” – Becki Enright

More Quotes:

  • “There’s too much hype around some of these places because it sells good stories. And you go there and even sometimes just checking into a hostel, you learn there’s all of these tours and excursions… People who get into these places are absolutely fine.”

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