What is Holocene?

Holocene is a global membership platform encouraging and empowering the curious and creative to live their stories and find personal change. We are storytellers, wanderers, seekers and nomads out to explore the world and ourselves, and share what we find one story at a time, together.

Our Mission

To provide a system and platform for travelers, of any level, to transform their approach to life through curiosity and creativity, and encourage them to explore not just the world but themselves through exploration, adventure and creativity and share their experiences in a safe, trusted, collaborative environment between like-minded people all over the world.

Our Vision

We believe that travel is inherently creative and that inspiration, clarity, and possibility are waiting to be found. We believe that we can leverage our local knowledge and creative abilities to help each other explore more safely and tell collaborative stories together. Holocene strives to unify creative travelers so that together we can open new doors to new stories, anywhere in the world.

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Our community consists of creatives and travelers all around the world. In 2017, we’ll travel all around the world, create new projects, travel together on creative adventures and retreats, host inspiring events, gather at the Transformative Travel Summit, and connect every month online.

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What We’re About

We can find ourselves in a moment that is inescapable. We can find ourselves feeling something in that moment that makes us more aware of what’s going on around us. This is the feeling of being more alive. And I believe this is what we’re all pursuing.

It’s not easy to find purpose in work and meaning in life. Sometimes we get stuck. The best way to overcome this existential struggle is to immerse yourself in something that inspires you so much that it pulls you into the present moment and empowers you to believe that you can make a difference. And the best way to evoke that sensation is to travel.

Enter Holocene, a community built around the mutual belief that travel is an opportunity to rediscover your own personal narrative and set yourself on a course to go after that change. In 2016, we’ll be rolling out a series of community based courses, products and events designed to help you explore the world, yourself, and finally do the thing you’ve always wanted but haven’t yet.


Learn about where our name comes from and what it means to us.

To see The Holocene, all you have to do is look around you…

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