Lavinia SpaldingToday we’re talking about the value of stories in travel or life and why they matter to the individual and society. I want us to explore why travel matters and today’s guest gives us the chance to do exactly that.

Lavinia Spalding is the author of two books, With a Measure of Grace: Recipes of a Small Town Restaurant and Writing Away: A Creative Guide to Awakening the Journal Writing Travel, which helps travelers find an authentic story and access tools to better chronicle their journeys as writers, bloggers, or storytellers. She’s also the editor of the Best Women’s Travel Writing collections and featured in a slew of publications including Gadling and the San Francisco magazine.

I’m excited to talk to her today about what I mentioned today about stories and why they matter and how to look at them as something you can take home and share for the rest of your life, and why that matters.


What We Cover:

  • Why finding stories is important to personal growth.
  • Being vulnerable to the world is the best way to let the best stories happen to you.
  • Lavinia’s life-changing experience being shown around Florence by two Italian men.
  • Travel is the best way to embrace the Other.
  • Why it’s important to unplug and disconnect from your phone and computer when you travel or stay at hostels if you want to connect with other cultures and get the most growth from your experience.

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